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Over the course of several weeks we have had numerous readers and local residents contact us through our website as well as our local humane society partners (who regular feature healthy and happy cats on their homepage).  And what we have found is that we have placed all 3 of the Abyssinian cats that were brought to use because their current owner is no longer able to attend to them.  However, through the humane society we have brought in over a dozen cats every month and are struggling to find homes for all of these beautiful animals.  Therefore, we would like to announce our partnership with the Humane Society of Michigan to sponsor and assist with cat adoption the week of November 3, 2017.

Michigan Cat Adoption – NAR

The Humane Society of West Michigan is hosting a cat adoption special, where all adoptions will be properly spayed or neutered as well as properly vaccinated. This will be taking place from November 3 to the 6.

The Humane Society will be reducing their adoption fees for cats to $10 and for kittens to $25. Dogs of all breeds are undergoing a similar adoption week where the prices are reduced by 25%, bringing the vast majority to under $100. For more information on where the adoption event will take place, contact the Michigan Humane Society here.


NAR Role in Cat Adoption

In order to assist our readers and the communities in which the live in (feral and stray cats included), we have begun answering questions and calls regarding the resources, local cat organizations, shelters, rescue groups, veterinary clinics, spay and neuter clinics for readers in the Midwest and Northeast Michigan. All of our advice is free of charge and is designed to give our readers the best experience with their new cat.  We also specialize in helping new cats adapt to a new home. For specialty lessons click here.

If we refer you to a local resource, please be aware that each group or program is run separate from ours. Some may focus on only spay/neuter projects, while others may  help foster kittens and cats in order to find homes for them.  Regardless, we will be happy to help locate and care for your community cats and provide you with the information required to keep them safe.

If you know of a group of have reached out to one for help, please send us an email with the group you used, and your contact information to:


NAR Adoption Partners

Over the past year we have worked closely with the following organizations to help provide top of the line cat care for Abyssinian’s as well as other cats in need.

Humane Society of West Michigan

For over 130 years the Humane Society of West Michigan has operated under a seemingly simple mission, one that we feel provides both animals and those who care for them with an irreplaceable resource.

Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan

The Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan was founded over 75 years ago to help shelter the homeless animals of southwestern Michigan. We continue that mission today by providing programs and services that annually impact thousands of people and pets in our community.

Humane Society of South Central Michigan

The Humane Society of South Central Michigan (HSSCM) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification, age, disability, national origin, marital status or veteran status.

Milwaukee Windows

We are Milwaukee’s Premier window contractor serving the Milwaukee area for over 20 years, with our eyes set on our first expansion into Michigan in the summer of 2018.  We are happy to help Guy Little and his colleagues find homes for cats whose owners have deceased or no longer want them.

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