Abys Cat Adoption Process and Checklist Part 2

Abys Cat Adoption Process and Checklist Part 2

Find a cat that matches your personality!

Test Drive your potentially new room mate

Just like a new car or another large purchase, you want to make sure that you are comfortable and making the right decision. So contact your local breeder or animal shelter and spend time with your potentially new house guest. If you are interested in a purebred cat, meet your local breeders and ask about their adoption process and how to get started.

Regardless if you are looking for a cat from a breeder or from a shelter, talk with the staff. They will be knowledgeable about their cats and kittens behavior and habits. Describe to them your routine and what you’re looking for.  They will be able to help.

  • It’s possible to check craigslist or newspaper advertisements in your area, but understand that will be risky. These cats may not be up to date with their vaccines or have other health deficiencies that go undisclosed.

Contact Abys to identify a reputable cat breeder in your area.


Look for a healthy and happy cat

The eyes should be clear, with no discharge or tearing. The nose should be clear of discharge or mucus and the cat shouldn’t sneeze or cough. The hair coat should be clean, reasonably smooth and free from matting in long haired cats. Run your hand against the grain of the hair to check for fleas (small, brown quick moving bugs along the skin.

  • Kittens with “pot bellies” may have just eaten or they may have intestinal worms. You should also look for any sign of diarrhea in cats or kittens (either in the litter box or smearing around the rear end).


Make friends with many different cats

During your visits to a breeder or a shelter, or other source, play with the cats that you are considering and look at multiple different ones to get a better idea of what you are looking for in both the short and long term. It’s incredibly easy to fall in love with a cat, so when you do make sure it is the right cat for the right reason. Consider if your personalities match, if they will fit in your current and future home, ask for any other observations to make your decision easier.

  • Are you looking for a cuddly cat? Do you need it to sit in your lap? If so, you should be able to tell very quickly if the ones you’re looking at will fit your needs. Or are you looking for one with a bit more independence?


Starting the cat adoption process

After you found the perfect furry friend, you should consider what the next steps are to take the cat to its new home. Depending on whether you are buying from a breeder or animal shelter will dictate what steps are required. In any case, you will need fill out paperwork and pay a small fee to take the cat home. Breeders will likely charge a significantly higher charge for a cat. Both breeders and shelters should offer paperwork documenting the current and past health and immunization of the cat.

  • Breeders require in nearly every circumstance, evidence of a safe and favorable home environment before discharging the cat. Shelters will likely ask similar questions and require a written statement from your landlord (if you rent), stating the cat is allowed on the premises.


Take you cat or kitten to the vet within the first week

Within the first week that you bring your cat to your new home, be sure to bring it to your own personal veterinarian. Review the documentation that the breeder or shelter provided with the vet and ask them to provide an additional analysis on your cats health.

  • Taking proper preventative measures with your veterinarian can prolong the life and happiness of your new cat.


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