Abys Cat Adoption Process and Checklist Part 1

We at Abys know that you’ve been thinking about getting a cat just by the fact that you landed on our page. If you’re at the point where you’re still tossing the idea around in your head, you are in the perfect spot. Before adopting a cat you need to do some research and really put some thought into what kind of cat you want and will be happy with. After all, a cat can live for 15 or more years! Before adoption, consider a cat’s sex, age, and personality. Also consider if your home or apartment is an environment where your cat can be happy throughout its lifespan.


Do your due diligence before adopting a cat

Deciding what kind of cat fits your personality and lifestyle

Are you interested in a purebred Aby cat? Or a mixed breed cat with unknown heritage? Aby purebred cats are an excellent option for someone who knowns and appreciates cats. With a mixed breed cat there is the uncertainty of potential health issues which come attached if you adopt from a humane society. If you do adopt, make sure that the breeder or shelter has tested for diseases and provides you with the testing report before you adopt!

  • If you do your research and determine you are interested in a purebred pedigree cat be sure to research reputable breeders who treat their cats well. Make sure that the breeder comes with experience with the cats genetics and breeding, and who will support you even after your adoption.
  • If adopting from a shelter or rescue, do not adopt before you see that the cat is up to date on the vaccinations and spayed or neutered.

Contact Abys to identify a reputable cat breeder in your area.


Determine what kind of breed of cat you want.

Do your research to find out which breed of cat suits the time you have available for it and your needs. Afterall a cat will be your friend for 15 or more years! Different breeds and different mixed breeds have very different personalities including energy levels, playfulness, being held, scratching, and other habits. Traits that should be considered in a cat before adoption are:

  • Energy level
  • Need for attention
  • Affection towards owner
  • Vocality
  • Docility or calmness
  • Intelligence and independence
  • Need for grooming (sheds a lot or very little)
  • Compatibility with other pets

What age of a cat should you adopt? How long are you looking for a companion?

How much time and attention are you able to provide your pet? Kittens are extremely energetic and often immature and non-independent. This can lead to the cat being neglected if proper care and attention is not provided. Adult cats (over the age of 1 or so years) are often much more dependent than kittens and can usually take care of themselves for extended periods of time. If your family will need to compete between the needs of your kittens and your family, then perhaps an older cat is more suitable for your lifestyle.

  • If you have the time and energy for a new kitten, they are always an adorable addition to any family. If you are on the older side and are looking for a more mature friend, consider adopting an adult cat. Older cats also tend to be overlooked at shelters and make for excellent lap cats and companions later in life.


Do you want a male or a female cat?

In most scenarios the average cat owner will spay or neuter their cats. After this occurs, both the male and female personalities are rather similar to each other. Despite what you may hear from rumors, after a cat is spayed or neutered both male and females have the same chance of being a nice, friendly, lap cate. If you decide that you do not want a cat that has been spayed or neutered, consider these key behavior differences.

  • Male cats tend to get into fights, and want to roam outside and are often not good indoor pets. They also tend to be more liberal with using the litter box.
  • Female cats tend to be very vocal when in heat. They will also try to leave the house to get outside and mate. If they do get out and get pregnant there is the task of a new litter of kittens and the possibility of something going wrong during birth.


Consider one or more cats!

Humans love company and cats do to! If you adopt two cats, you don’t have to worry about one being socially deprived or bored and getting into trouble. So if you’re going to take a leap, go for two.

  • Make sure you have the time, space, and financial resources to manage and care for two cats.


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