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Welcome to Abyssinian Rescue. Thank you for stopping by! At Abyssinian Rescue we believe every animal deserves the best in life and we have invested a lot of resources to make that happen. We help lost and found aby cats find their owners, place abys who were abused or neglected in new homes and replace owners who cannot care for their cats anymore. Since we opened, hundreds of cats and kittens have found a loving home through our adoption program. All the cats in our care receive daily care from committed staff and volunteers.

What’s more, we provide informative and useful information on the human-cat relationship to help pet owners to not only keep their animals healthy, but also permanently in their homes. Our website has articles on pet training all written by professionals and experts in human psychology as well as animal behavior and training.

Facts about cat adoption

Adopting an Abyssinian can bring a lot of happiness into your life. Besides getting a furry friend for life, you will be getting a friend that will significantly reduce your day to day life stresses and can potentially save your life. And unlike what most people think, not all adopted cats are damaged. In fact most of them end up in rescue homes and shelters for various reasons that are beyond their control. For example some life circumstances may make a loving pet owner unable to continue taking care of the pet, hence he or she drops off the kitty at a shelter, trusting that the pet will find a good home.

Also, being admitted into a shelter, most Abys are usually given a medical exam and any necessary vaccinations to make sure they are healthy before you meet them. And if in case you adopt a cat that requires additional care, our staff will help you understand how to best care for the pet at home. Our staff also conduct behavior assessments, so you can sure the pet you are adopting is safe and ready for her new home. Adoption is simply the quickest and the best way for a pet to leave a rescue center safely. It is like saving a life. If you had the option of adopting and saving a life and not to adopt, what would you go for? You can make a huge difference by adopting a pet!

Adoptions make a friend forever

Although the say a dog is man’s best friend, cats too can be your perfect best friend if you let them into your heart. Anyone who owns a cat, especially an Abyssinian, will tell you that it is very difficult not to fall in love with your furry friend once you establish a bond. Cats not only have the ability to read our emotions but they are also loving and can make you feel special and wanted, with their desire to always be around you whenever you are around.

Whether it is when you are feeling blue or after a long day at work, these pets can read you like no other. Also, a cat is a friend that will never judge you. He will love you to the end of the world and back regardless of whatever happens. They are also good at making their owners feel good because of their affection and their unconditional love will definitely raise your self-esteem.

Better than Buying from a Pet Store

-Adoption helps stop pet overpopulation

Neutering and spaying is mandatory for all cats in our home. This makes sure that the pet you adopt from us will not be part of the pet overpopulation problem.

-Adoption saves lives

Most rescue homes are overcrowded and adoption will go a long way in saving the pet’s life as well as making room for other pets.

-Adoption gives a second chance

The main reason why most people take their pets to shelters is because of life circumstances such as a new baby, a move or a divorce. By adopting the pet you will be giving it a second chance in life to have a family.

-Adoption is cheaper

Cats adopted from reliable rescue homes often cost less than those purchased.

Benefits of adopting an adult cat

Although most people look for an admirable kitten when looking for a pet, they usually don’t realize the patience and time involved in raising the pet properly. Not only do they take a lot of energy and time, they can also be too demanding for first time or busy owners. That is why it is highly recommended that you seriously consider adopting a senior citizen and there are various advantages of this:


Because most adult cats came from other homes, odds are that they have very friendly temperaments and adorable house manners.

-Already Litter Box Trained

Adult cats are already accustomed to using a litter box, so you won’t have a problem with litter.

-Better around Children

While Kittens have sharp claws and teeth and have no idea of how to play nicely, adult cats are much gentler and are way better around kids.

-They Need You

Though cats are independent animals, they still need your attention and love. Adult cats have no shortage of loyalty and affection and you may be surprised of how grateful he or she is to you.

-Lower Maintenance

Kittens have a lot of energy and like moving around. So if you are not careful they can easily start damaging your furniture and house in general. Kittens also require more veterinary checkups to make sure they have been neutered and spayed.

If you are ready for the challenge and you have a good environment for a pet, you should consider going for a cat adoption. This can be a rewarding and pleasurable experience and something that many people never regret.

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