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National Abyssinian Rescue Program

Abyssinians are very healthy and active cats. It is reported that they often live more than twenty years. As with other breeds, dental care is necessary, as the age of cats. Sometimes, kidney amyloidosis occurs along some Abyssinian lines. It is believed that this is a hereditary disease, but it is not very common.

Playful and smart, Abyssinians are curious cats. They are very fond of learning everything and are always on the move in the house. It is reported that they very much understand, these cats are affectionate and develop special ties with their people. They readily accept other pets, although some Abyssinian women are reportedly slightly irritated in this regard. Athletic and active, cats love to reach high altitudes in the house and play with water. Other attributes include their loyalty and expressiveness. These beautiful cats are the objects of great beauty and admiration in many parts of the world and are highly regarded as loving and sweet pets.

Why is the cat tree useful for your cat.

Cats love to climb! Help to keep your furniture and decorations safe by adding a cat tree to your house. This will keep your cat occupied and happy, thereby contribute to protecting your furniture and property. Here are some quick reasons why every cat lovers home should have one.

Cats need space too

Cats have a lot of energy. Naturally, they are also curious. Keeping them in an area where they can not climb, scratch, play and explore can leave them very upset. This can lead to the fact that they will use your furniture and shelves as scratches and rock climbing. We all know what it means, shredded furniture and frames for paintings or decorations on the floor. Not to mention how many times you come home to find your cat on top of the kitchen cabinets. Give your cat a place to play sports and play with your furniture. The best solution for this is the cat tree. They allow your cat to feel that they have a space that all belongs to them.

Cats Trees – Substitute Tree

Like I said, cats LOVE to climb. They have a natural instinct to ascend, like their larger cousins ​​in the wild. A tree of cats is an excellent way to keep your kitten happy. And, as they say in their name, this tree is built for your cat. There are many sizes and styles of cat trees. Some have many perches and berths, while others have less, with less shelter. You can even get with hanging toys to your cat, too, enjoyed. The cat’s trees have several poles for scratches and paw muscle exercises. It also gives them the opportunity to leave their scent. While perches offer them heights, they tend to feel just like their appearance, climbing a tree.

Choose the best size for your home

Cat trees are available in a large number of heights and sizes. Smaller units are great if you have limited space, while larger units offer more perches and shelters. Do not be afraid to buy a larger cat tree. Keep in mind that your kitten will grow. As he grows up, he will also want to expand the space for learning, as well as to reach new heights. High feline trees offer the height that a cat is looking for, only occupying a smaller area. Most units offer sisal wrapped posts and carpet or plush villas. While older cats tend to doze more, remember that younger cats will play. Many cat trees offer hanging toys for playful pets, as well as villas and climbing tunnels. Do not forget to take a couple of scratches with you. Once your cat has chosen one of these areas, they should start leaving their furniture alone. If you have several cats, look for one with more levels and shelters so everyone can play and relax together. Regardless of the size of the cat’s tree, which you choose, your cat will surely love it.
A great cat owner knows that to keep your cat happy, you must keep them busy. Cat’s trees offer your cat a playground within their walls. Make your home cat-friendly place by adding a cat tree for your kitten.

Benefits of feline walks

It’s a fact, cats like heights! Whether it is for better observation, dominance over other cats or for escaping stress, we do not know. If you have ever watched a cat, you realize that there are two places that they want to be, perched high or sitting on a window ledge. If you are looking for ideas on how to remodel you home to make it cat friendly check out what this window contractor can do for a cat play place.

With wall ramps and perches, you can make your favorite places more comfortable and introduce new spots. A pair of strategically located ramps and your cats will visit and explore a part of your house that is inaccessible earlier. In fact, three “Kitty-Ramps” and “Corner Perch” will turn your living room into a cat’s sanctuary.

The advantages do not stop here. Ramps encourage natural exercise, making your pets happier and healthier. “Exercises benefit the cat with increased overall health, including longer life,” says veterinarian Carol Tees, DVM of the Cary cat clinic, North Carolina. “It removes stress, reduces aggression and prevents cats. Exercise just makes cats feel better. ”

Ramps also assist cats after they have been destroyed. Rock climbing takes on a second nature for cats, but when the cat-hummock tries to climb, it slips, slips and falls. He does not understand why he can not rise, and this is detrimental to his mental well-being. Ramps and perches counterbalance this disorder. Cats with claws can easily grab the carpet and climb to their favorite place, jump from ledge to ledge and act like a cat that restores confidence.

Is the area limited in your house? Ramps and perches occupy no area, unlike traditional feline trees with massive bases and poles. Ramps also have a beautiful pine finish. This makes them look new compared to traditional trees that are covered with carpets and show wear after a small use.

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